Attractive advantages for members

Members of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents enjoy numerous advantages and benefits from practical services.


Certificate and seal of approval


Award of the distinction as certified real estate agent Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents based on the examination of the admission commission or after successful audit.


Seal of approval

Award of the seal of approval as a sign of quality and recognition of real estate agents certified by the SCREA.



Use of the seal of approval in the e-mail footer as an award for quality. Link to object gallery.


Door sign

SCREA door plate as a sign of quality and recognition of certified real estate agents.

Marketing and communication


Image flyer “Trust is good, certification is better” with individual impression for the member on the front page.


Roll-ups, Sticker

Free delivery of a limited number of stickers, production of roll-ups with individual logo at preferential conditions.



Current web platform for members, customers and interested parties with an attractive object gallery, news and event tips.


Public Relations

Profound and concise statements, interviews and media information on relevant real estate topics.



Regular news from the SCREA Board on the current activities of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents and relevant topics for SCREA members and their employees.


List of members

Directory of SCREA members in printed or electronic form for relevant core target groups such as trustees and banks.

Network, events and further education

Contact among the SCREA members

Exchange and networking with added value among like-minded people at various SCREA events (general assembly, Real Estate Agent convention, etc.).



Regular specialist seminars on current topics and tools for SCREA members and their employees.


MLS network system (free of charge)

Free use of an MLS system (Multiple Listing Service) for property, region or market segment related cooperation among real estate agents.

Special conditions and discounts

Legal service (free of charge)

Free initial consultation in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate and real estate companies.


IAZI Property valuation (25 % discount)

Preferential conditions (25 % discount) on licenses from IAZI AG for a simple, secure and fast real estate evaluation and location data queries.


SVIT Swiss Real Estate School SRES (discount)

Price advantages when attending seminars, courses and training courses of SVIT Swiss Real Estate School.


SVIT Court of Arbitration (free of charge)

Free recourse to the SVIT arbitration court of the Swiss real estate industry to settle real estate disputes before they escalate.


Object gallery of the Chamber of Real Estate Agents

Pre-publication of real estate objects on; increased reach thanks to this additional real estate portal.

Real-estate-objects (PDF)


Valuation Tool from Wüest Partner (45 % discount)

Special discount (45 %) for the use of the hedonic valuation tool of Wüest Partner AG.


Lead generation tool from Wüest Partner (discount)

Special conditions for Wüest und Partner’s online tool for generating leads: After the input process, sales staff receive an approximate sales price range.


Mercedes-Benz (Fleet discount)

Attractive fleet discount on all Mercedes Benz and Smart models.


Iba office supplies (discount)

Special conditions when ordering office supplies from the supplier iba.


Trade journals (free subscriptions)

Free subscription to the trade journals “Immobilia” and “Der Immobilien-Profi”.

Membership advantages (PDF)