02. May 2019

President: Ruedi Tanner stands for election!

Herbert Stoop makes good on his announcement and steps down as President of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents at the 2019 General Meeting. It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors is pleased to propose his successor. Ruedi Tanner will stand for election as the new President on 22 October 2019 at the Aura Zurich. Learn more about Ruedi Tanner and his motivation to become President of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents.

How long have you been a member of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents?

Tanner: Wirz Tanner Immobilien has been a member since 1 November 2005.

Why are you a member of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents?

Tanner: Originally it was probably the network idea and the interest in exchanging information. Today, our employees appreciate above all the fact that we bring topics closer together, which allows us to profile our profession even better in the future. As a medium-sized company, it is also a question of attitude and commitment to our professional association, which is why we also train apprentices!

How does an SCREA broker differ from the other providers?

Tanner: The SCREA broker is not a flash in the pan, has many years of experience with appropriate training and must achieve a regular turnover that allows him to develop further and assert himself on the market. In addition, he adheres to the rules of professional conduct of the association and the chamber.

Real estate tells stories of people and their lives. To question spaces means to deal with life. Ruedi Tanner, Wirz Tanner Real Estate AG

What are the reasons to become president of the SCREA?

Tanner: In your mid-fifties it is time to deal with the finiteness of professional life; either you decide to retire in installments in favor of leisure time or commitment to culture and society, or you face new challenges once again. However, these must be authentic and credible, otherwise they are of no use to anyone. I count the presidency of the SCREA among them, because development is based on exchange, especially between the generations and here I see the impact for all who want to participate!

In recent years, the brokerage chamber has developed considerably. What should be different under your presidency?

Tanner: The strong establishment is based on a need of the industry and public perception. This was achieved through the excellent work of my two predecessors and their teams and should be continued in a reliable partnership. Nevertheless, we will certainly have to work even harder in the future to achieve a broader public anchorage, accompanied by credible quality assurance. The fact that more is communicated in Bernese German is certainly not a disadvantage and can also help us open the door to French-speaking Switzerland!

Where do you want to set priorities?

Tanner: The exchange between the members of the Chamber and a service that reaches the grassroots is still the focus – quality comes before quantity! The public’s opinion of our profession is still poor and goes as far as the opinion that our profession will be replaced “online” in the future anyway. But if we increasingly take on the role of a habitat mediator and apply an authentic and fair set of values here, we will prove the opposite and thus offer our customers added value. Digitization offers us this opportunity, let’s seize it! This year’s broker convention entitled “I’m looking you in the eye” is the first exclamation mark, we are delighted!