01. October 2018

Would you like to buy a house? The Swiss Chamber of Estate Agents is your competent partner.

Contact a real estate agent to buy a house

The search for a new home is associated with many obstacles. If you are looking for real estate privately, you will hardly find objects that meet your expectations, since the information provided by the seller is always very vague. Usually countless viewing appointments are necessary until you find a house that meets your requirements. So why not use the support of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents? Here, renowned estate agents will help you in your search for the perfect house.

Define the general conditions before buying a house

Your brokers from the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents have a very large client base. Therefore they always have numerous properties in their portfolio and new properties are added daily. If you register with an agent, you can also view properties that are not yet on the market.

At your first meeting with the real estate agent you can clearly express your wishes and needs. Tip: Make notes beforehand so that you have all the criteria at hand during the conversation. The better you can describe your desired property, the better the offers of the real estate agent match your ideas. The real estate agent will add you to his database and contact you as soon as he has a suitable property for you.

Your price expectations are of course also decisive: The house should fit into your budget and the monthly installment should be manageable for you. If you set your monthly costs too high, you can pay off the property more quickly, but in crisis situations the burden can quickly become too high. If the amount is too low, you will have to live with the mortgage for a long time. Your real estate agent from the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents will find a healthy middle way with you and give you many useful tips and tricks.

The viewing appointment before buying a house

The basis for the house purchase is the inspection date. You should have a good feeling during the inspection and feel comfortable in the residential area. Also the basic data of the house should correspond to your wishes. Is the year of construction acceptable for you and does the equipment meet your expectations? Does the room layout offer enough possibilities for you and your family? Which heating system has been installed in the house and does the house have an energy certificate?

The energy certificate contains all important data on energy efficiency and you can see at first glance whether your property meets the current requirements. Would you like a tiled stove? If it has not already been installed, you should ask the real estate agent whether a subsequent installation is possible.

Buying a house through an estate agent provides security

The decisive criterion when buying a house is first of all the price. Does it correspond to the market value of the property or is it much too high? If you have registered with a real estate agent of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, you do not need to worry about this. The market value of the property will be determined in advance and you can be sure that you are making the right investment.

The price is determined by various factors. The condition of the property is one aspect, but the location is considered the most important feature. The experienced brokers of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents know exactly which areas of Switzerland are particularly sought after and in which region real estate is less in demand. Even if you are familiar with the area, you will probably not be familiar with the detailed market prices.

Therefore, when buying a house, rely on experience and expertise and register without obligation in the database of an estate agent of the Swiss Chamber of Estate Agents. This way you will certainly soon be able to view a property that meets your needs. By the way: Price negotiations and the purchase are also very uncomplicated through the broker, because he usually has no emotional ties to the property, works transparently and relies on facts.

Real estate as an investment

Perhaps you have bought the property as a pure investment due to the low interest rate and would now like to rent it out? Here too, the broker of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents can provide you with competent support and perhaps soon present you with a solvent tenant. If there are still discrepancies after the purchase, simply contact your real estate agent. You can count on his competent support even if the actual transaction has already been completed.