How do I know if a broker is reputable?
To check whether a real estate specialist is reputable, look for membership of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Brokers or the SVIT (Swiss Association of Real Estate Agents) as a minimum requirement. You should also check their website and the company headquarters.

Is the housing bubble about to burst, or is it not really a bubble?
Although we believe there has been a certain amount of overheating, I see no real danger of a real estate bubble like the one experienced in the early 90s. A market correction of around 10% is expected over the next few years.

Should more office and residential buildings be constructed or is an increase
in vacancy rates on the horizon?

There should be greater focus on replacing or renovating old buildings in good locations. I see a risk of vacancies in less attractive locations.

What is your advice to me as a homeowner in the current market situation –
hold or sell?

There isn’t a single, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But as a general rule, property ownership is important as a diversification of total assets.