23. October 2018

Review of the 1st swiss broker day

With the launch of the 1st Swiss Brokers’ Day, the Chamber of Real Estate Agents set another milestone in its history. On 23 October, Herbert Stoop, President of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, welcomed over 220 guests to the Aura in Zurich. Six top-class personalities spoke on the conference motto “Upheaval in the Swiss real estate market”.

This year’s Real Estate Agent Day was a success all down the line. The more than 220 participants were very enthusiastic about the quality of the speakers, the discussion of the topic “upheaval” and also about the organization. A special highlight was the presentation of the surprise guest Hannes Schmid. The world-famous photographer, artist and inventor of the Marlboro Man has been putting all his energy into his aid project “Smiling Gecko” in Cambodia for almost six years. Outside the slums of Phnom Penh, he has built a farm where hundreds of Cambodians grow vegetables and breed farm animals: the Smiling Gecko Farm. With his visionary conviction, his irrepressible energy and his doer qualities, the 72-year-old “never tired” has achieved more than many expensive aid programs. This was also the opinion of the audience. They were so moved by the lecture that they spontaneously thanked Hannes Schmid with a standing ovation.