28. September 2018

Sell real estate at the best value – with the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents.

Achieve top prices when selling real estate

Real estate is currently extremely valuable and experts assume that prices will not fall in the near future. Use the current situation for your purposes. The time is right: almost all properties are currently selling well. Nevertheless, you should not act on your own initiative. With the help of a real estate agent of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, you will achieve a better price for your real estate.

Rely on specialists when selling real estate

The members of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents are well versed in the real estate industry and will support you in selling your apartment or property. The reasons against a private sale are manifold. For example, do you really know how much money you can ask for your property? When calculating it, it is important to think of all factors – even small things often lead to drastic fluctuations in market value. For example, the building fabric of the property is a decisive criterion.

Is it a solid house, which bricks were used? Does the house have an attractive thermal insulation and how high are the actual energy costs? Which energy values were determined? Does the property have a cellar or does a garage belong to the property? What about the room layout and is the property in good general condition? How large is the property? Is the garden usable or is there a balcony? Is the home perhaps even barrier-free or can it also be used as a two-family house? The location of the property is also absolutely crucial.

Especially in popular residential areas, too high prices are paid for real estate, while the prices are only a few kilometers further down the road. Can structural changes be carried out or are extensive renovations pending? Often, for example, the roof has to be renewed or mold has formed in some rooms. Innumerable further open questions must be clarified before the determination of the real estate value. The specialists of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents will help you – arrange a non-binding consultation appointment

What is the procedure for selling real estate?

In a personal meeting, the real estate agent records your exact ideas and you tell him everything worth knowing about the property. A few days later, the real estate specialist will take a look at the property himself and determine a fair value together with you. Perhaps the value determined is even significantly higher than your expectations and you might have sold your property far too cheaply without the broker.

When all questions have been clarified, the real estate agent will prepare a meaningful exposé and, if necessary, place an advertisement to present your property to a broad public. It is also possible that the real estate agent has already listed numerous potential buyers in his client file. If so, he will first contact his client base and arrange the first viewing appointments.

Negotiating skills are required when selling real estate

To sell your property at a good price, the real estate agent must be able to negotiate well. Often several interested parties decide to buy the property. In this case the real estate agent consults the seller and the seller can decide on the best price. Or in other words: You do not have to worry about anything and still your property is sold at a profit.

At the viewing appointment, you as a private person may be overwhelmed with the specific questions of the prospective buyers, which could lead to potential buyers losing interest. If, on the other hand, all questions are answered quickly and understandably, this makes the decision to buy easier. When the sale is concluded, the broker will of course draw up the necessary documents and present them to you ready for signature.

With a specialist from the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents uncomplicated to a successful real estate sale

If you put yourself in the shoes of a real estate buyer, you will quickly realize that the decision to count on the support of an estate agent was absolutely right. You would certainly buy a property with a better feeling if a competent real estate agent conducted the negotiations and presented the property to you. Because the broker will also inform you about the expected expenses and show you the advantages and disadvantages of the objects by means of practical examples.

Contact the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents to make an appointment for a personal consultation – an experienced real estate agent makes the successful purchase of your property much easier. Even the preparation of a coherent exposé can become an unsolvable task for many sellers. Professional photos of the property are just as obligatory as a clean listing of the property data. Leave nothing to chance when selling your property and use the current developments on the real estate market for the successful sale of your property with the help of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents.