02. July 2020

Score with a sharpened quality profile

The real estate market remains challenging. Reasons for this are, in addition to the Corona-induced economic slump, new, potent competitors such as banks, insurance companies and real estate platforms, as well as fixed-price or free brokers who vie with tempting promises for the favor of those willing to sell. As Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, we are the guardian and guarantor of professional real estate marketing in Switzerland. That is why we observe market developments very closely and are firmly committed to ensuring that the free market continues to play and that fair conditions prevail for all participants. As the professional chamber of the SVIT, we are the No.1 contact point and the competence partner in the real estate brokerage business.

In this competitive environment, it is crucial to be able to position yourself positively as a real estate agent and to be able to bring your USPs into the ring. In concrete terms, this means concentrating on your own strengths, competencies and qualities. Membership of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents SCREA provides more than just support. Because we are the only organization in Switzerland that examines real estate agents according to strict quality criteria – and awards a seal of approval upon confirmation.

The demand for proven real estate agent competence and quality remains high. As the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, we stand for know-how, professionalism, reliability and transparency – in short, for the quality of our members. In order to enable members to effectively exploit these advantages in competition, we have sharpened the SCREA seal of approval and strengthened its informative value.

We are convinced that this will give certified quality even more weight in the highly competitive real estate market. The seal will not only strengthen our market position. It also contributes to the awareness of a wider public that quality is of central importance in the real estate business, as it usually involves larger assets.

In connection with the renewal of the seal of approval of the Swiss Chamber of Real Estate Agents, the SVIT Chamber logo was also adapted for better comprehensibility. The addition “Chamber of Real Estate Agents” now replaces the previous “SCREA Swiss”.